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Thursday ROFL – Your daily delivery of funnies

Thursday ROFL – With the realization that the roughest part of the standard business week is now behind us once Thursday has been reached, the day in question tends to be a quite appreciated one by mankind. Quite often, the latter will be perceived as “Friday Eve”, and it won’t be uncommon to see it considered as being some sort of intro to the weekend. Please welcome as he should Mr Thor –Manager of the 52 Thursdays the year 2014 will be offering us this year – and his latest collection of funny pics.

Wishing you an unhinged PMSLweb moment!

Pervert dog funny gif – Thursday ROFL at

Tetris humor at

Youtube you suck at

That awkward moment super heroes at

Christians and female orgasm funny at

Funny do not feed after midnight label at

State trooper joke – Thursday ROFL at

Seniors texting code at

Kim Jong un at

Try cock today name fail at

Date the food cans funny at

Find your cocktail name – Thursday ROFL at

Funny child’s about me at

How to fix damn near everything at

Translation fail at

Scrolling through Facebook meme at

Tweety turned 62 – Thursday ROFL at

We call that booze funny at

My darling my hamburger at

Run it’s a f*cktard at

Gun to ear Darwin award at

Slow down for the fox sake – Thursday ROFL at

Guess which one is not a morning person at

You put your whole life on Facebook at

The piece of food I mentally claimed at

Found yer ring funny – Thursday ROFL at

Funny foster advert

Hungry caterpillar price tag fail at

Winnie the poo price tag fail at

Cat butt gum at

Types of bra’s humor at

Evil Mona Lisa gif – Thursday ROFL at

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