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Time for some smiles – Just the way you love them!

Time for some smiles – The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter. The latter should be carried around with you wherever you go in order to be accessed at any given moment of the personal battle you get to deal with on a daily basis, and which is mostly known under the code name: LIFE. In this battle please acknowledge the fact that you are NOT alone, and that you can always count on PMSLweb to give you a helping hand by giving you additional ammo.

girl's epic mirror picture fail
May this serve as a lesson for all, do not take pictures standing in front of a mirror
solution to stay focused at work
Boss finally found a way to keep his employees focused
wife beats man
Maybe asking for additional pickles wasn’t a bright move
stop interrupting when i speak
Yes, a very painful moment that one is
I don't like your bullshit
Some just make it too hard
your bed is happy to see you
He’s just showing some love
dry and wet park in Austria
The bench is the perfect place for your first kiss
thanks nana for pimping my ride
Xzibit is freaking out already
don't talk to my crush
Oh come on, we all know what this is about
you've done this
Fess up, you’ve done this too
the real how i met your mother
How I met your mother India…who are you, who,who,who,who…
Sheen versus Lohan
Sheen versus Lohan, bets are on
eyes wide shut
You just gotta love when this happens
greenland is white, Iceland is green
They did it on purpose I’m sure
the right diet
Seriously, I’ll just stick to my usual diet thank you!
amazing brain love fail
And that’s when the trouble starts
guess what her choice was
For the love of sport
we all know we don't read them
Because me all know that nobody ever reads it
that's your true problem
best moment of the day
Time for real business
no excuse is necessary
Why, did you prefer me giving you a fake excuse?
what hides under
The story under…
you like to see plans being cancelled
Sometimes you just pray for them to be
the long laugh before you say no
As precious as the look on the other person’s face…
Jackman's real photos
I’d actually give a magazine full of these a shot
brain fail
That moment when you realize that your character won’t last long in the script
it's just wrong
it’s just wrong.. I know
what is a retard
Happy that someone if finally pointing this out
people are f stupid
And you get reminded of this every day
how to correctly spell
Now do you get it?
simply explaining why I'm right
Why don’t people get that most of the time
asians through the years
This perfectly made sense
don't try and own your dad
Don’t try and own your dad
everyone needs to be modern
Living with your time
beware of rubber
No way!
badass grandpa
Grandpa is such a badass I swear..
get a hot date
You know you want one
how to friendzone
Instant friend-zoning
real girl sleep overs
Putting an end to a myth once and for all
the spaniards fault
Because it’s always so easy to blame them, but let’s face it…
eric cartman exists
The person who directly inspired Eric Cartman
what will they invent next
Ladies, don’t fall for this!
The ultimate potty training gadget
And you thought you’d seen it all right?
real life demotivational
Real life demotivational
Parenting doing it right
In the collection “Parenting: doing it right”
craig lis fail
In the category “intellectually limited” the nominees are…
vodka poem
It also keeps you warm at night
as not seen on the package
You actually trusted the picture on the pack?
woman on the dance floor
Which one will you be taking home tonight?
epic facebook spelling fail
How face-palms happen
webbed toe tat
One of the best tats ever
she doesn't care
You just got to love facebook for this
faker than barbie humor
Ouch, that hurts

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