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Tuesday chuckles – Your daily collection of funniness

Tuesday chuckles – Welcome to our latest edition of Tuesday funnies. Once more the crazy virtual playground awaits you, packed with all the nutcase findings that we have come across during our latest hours of Internet Scavenging. Need to escape your current duties for a few minutes? Search no more and climb aboard the wacko train.

Wishing you a snortle packed PMSLweb moment!

Funny plane luggage fail – Tuesday chuckles

When your friend asks their parents if you can sleep over humor

Funny plotting raccoon meme

I washed my ass today funny t-shirt

How to tell if an eggplant is ripe humor

Funny petsmart betta fish story – Tuesday chuckles

Funny scumbag penguin gif

Funny expensive Adidas shoes reviews

When you send your nigga out for pads humor

When Donald Trump sends you back to the wrong country humor

What I feel like doing most of the time funny gif

Life before smartphones meme – Tuesday chuckles

When people ask what would Jesus do funny tweet

But you can’t text back humor

When the weed hits hard and you’re trying to act normal

I’m here to save you funny gif

Hipster dog humor

When I think about my life funny gif – Tuesday chuckles

Funny Asian homo Batman

When someone with bad breath starts a conversation with you humor

How butthurt are you humor

Sorry terrorists prince meme

Color blind joke – Tuesday chuckles

Pull the cat’s tongue gif

When you don’t even know what you don’t know humor

Funny bank note to save money

Everytime a musician dies Keith Richards meme

Funny Android cameras versus iPhone cameras

Tyrone osaurus rex meme – Tuesday chuckles

Funny chuckling duck

You miss the point funny cartoon

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