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Tuesday chuckles – Your daily edition of funnies

Tuesday chuckles – While various surveys tend to confirm that Tuesday turns out to be the most productive day of the week, this does not in any way exempt you from treating your funny bone to its daily dose of ammo. The time has come to enhance a tad the general mood, so here goes….

Wishing you a smile-packed PMSLweb moment!

Man bathing in Martini funny dunkin donuts sign – Tuesday chuckles at

Funny son helps mum find MS office at

Funny disco ball hat at

Funny Murica logic cartoon at

Funny tobledoge chocolate at

You also stare at bathroom tiles humor – Tuesday chuckles at

Funny double barrel nostrils at

Funny cat stealing pizza animated at

Movies are so unrealistic funny facebook status at

Human cheese made with belly-button bacteria at

Hate you 2 sweater – Tuesday chuckles at

Funny music style classification chart at

Which boy do you think has enough sleep at

Funny gendered deodorants comment at

Funny time spent in the toilet analyze at

Wand salt and pepper shakers at

Act like you like it housework cartoon – Tuesday chuckles at

Funny Youtube nasal pot comment at

I bet you look good on the D car player fail at

Everything tastes better with cat hair in it mug at

Penguins are high heel shoes funny cartoon at

Guy versus feminist protestors humor at

Funny selfie with people trapped in the lift – Tuesday chuckles at

Hand position says it all humor at

Free hugs balloon humor at

Funny toilet with Wifi cartoon at

Funny what’s up sign at

Funny video game van message at

Charades at the monastery funny cartoon – Tuesday chuckles at

I do whatever I want meme at

Funny Egyptian hieroglyph spell check at

Funny gorilla meme at

Funny ultimate cat relaxation cartoon at

Funny when your mum took your temperature as a kid meme at

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