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Tuesday craze – Our daily selection of mischief

Tuesday craze – If you need to take time out between daily duties and are in the mood for a few smiles, chances are that you’ve just knocked at the right door. Once more, our latest scavenging quest has brought a few goodies to our attention, and evidently we’re delighted to share the latter with you; so without further notice let’s get stuck in.

Wishing you a delightful PMSLweb moment!

Funny alarm clock meme - Tuesday craze

Don’t judge me sarcastic ecard

Dudes who lost their shirts book aisle

in case of fire raise this flap humor

Help teach kids how the government works humor

Chuck Norris takes up cycling

Employee of the month humor – Tuesday craze

Meals you intend to make but never will book aisle

This guy didn’t watch enough cartoons as a kid humor

Size of an airplane in a movie

Happy retard spray name fail

Funny social media colon fails

Ice bucket challenge daughter fail – Tuesday craze

Funny vanilla extract life hack fail

You know it’s porn humor

Newspaper weather fail

Never trust a fart humor

Even the force can’t help you with internet explorer

In case of fire funny fail

Mom humor on iPhone – Tuesday craze

Senior citizens sign fail

Shop clearance fail

Funny flooring contractor advertising

Funny embarrassing kid’s drawing about mum

Grandpa lost his chill humor – Tuesday craze

Funny rest in peace now hiring

Funny rose and jack coke bottles

Funny DIY quote

How to pick up Mexican girls meme

Pork and gummy bear sausages – Tuesday craze

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