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Tuesday funnies – A collection of lighthearted funny pics

Tuesday funnies – Welcome to our latest edition of daily funnies. Once more we hope that our newest selection of funny pics will upraise the spirits a tad. While many will be relieved by the fact that Monday is now a distant souvenir (although not distant enough yet), the road to the weekend still remains quite a winding one that no doubt yet has a few ups and downs up its sleeve… so let us attempt to brighten up the journey shall we?

Wishing you a jocular PMSLweb moment!

Funny no senior citizens discount sign – Tuesday funnies

Funny inspirational quote meme

Funny hand veterinary cone

Funny adults should never talk to anyone under the age of 18 statement

It’s hard being a cat humor

Why the human finger fits perfectly into your nostril humor

You are not the pope humor – Tuesday funnies

Funny Elijah Wood played in Mad Max

Funny when you shake hands with someone you hate

Funny pole dance parody

How fast you were scrolling prank

When cashiers look at your money like it was fake humor

How you know you live in a rough area meme

Jesus and the 3 wise men joke – Tuesday funnies

Funny sexy pic home depot comment

Does China have fancy plates called America humor

Someone told me to stop singing wonderwall humor

Funny white people are scared to sit next to a Muslim on a plane tweet

Funny when you’re ugly and sad but try to stay positive

Funny Georgio A Tsoukalos about his hair – Tuesday funnies

Hilarious Grandmother text message to grandson

You gave your brother a boner funny autocorrect fail

When your cat sees you naked for the first time humor

Funny the ring ghetto version

When a boy starts a rumor funny come back

Funny Jewish Chihuahua

Funny medieval sexting cartoon

Funny Panini haircut – Tuesday funnies

Funny Aliens cartoon

First time doing yoga humor

Funny we all need the D advert

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