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Tuesday funnies – Your daily dose of fun

Tuesday funnies – If you slowly feel the desire to procrastinate increase as the day goes by, you probably should consider paying due attention to your body’s needs. Indeed, just the same way as it craves for water or a specific vitamin at given moments, at others your body (and more precisely your mind) urgently needs to disconnect itself from whatever task it was currently affected to and chill a little. If the prior paragraph rings a bell, please feel free to continue scrolling through our daily collection of funny pictures.

Wishing you a smile-packed PMSLweb moment!

Ikea free pencil humor – Tuesday funnies at

Funny this explains my life at

WTF Student dormitory versus prison at

Priceless wedding picture humor at

Funny feeling naughty text answer at

Funny inspiring love story – Tuesday funnies at

Bee vomit honey at

When you want to know if they’re more miserable without you at

Funny gargantuan toilets at

Funny what is worse than stepping on a lego at

Your shitty cellphone footage of the concert meme at

Xbox one kills teen news – Tuesday funnies at

When Moses parts your hair humor at

Mecca concert  fail humor at

Funny white people be like at

This plate is the only thing allowed to tell me how to live my life at

Construction worker going to the nightclub shoes meme – Tuesday funnies at

Funny paypal captcha at

Funny doorknob gadget at

Obelix friendzoned before it was cool at

White people all look the same humor at

Funny concert cat – Tuesday funnies at

I almost gave a f*ck animated at

Funny keep scrolling owl at

You need the toilet paper considering you’re an a**hole sarcasm at

Funny you read the book before watching the movie at

Lawn and order humor at

Funny when you take a decent selfie – Tuesday funnies at

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Funny ballerina fighter at

Good morning let the stress begin at

Dangerous items confiscated by Texas police humor at

Would you watch Jaws like this? At

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