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Tuesday Funny Fix – Your daily dose of moral support !

Tuesday Funny Fix – As E.E Cummings rightfully pointed out “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter”, and the latter is more than a statement, it’s a fact; so bearing that in mind, once more we pulled up our sleeves and concocted you a new fix of funny pictures we hope will give you satisfaction and which might contribute in enhancing slightly your day.

Wishing you a smile-riddled PMSLweb moment!

Beautiful people poop too
set your alarm for 3am funny
Here we have a nice hot bowl with cold spaghetti  funny
10am appointment I’ll see you at 10.45
Your call is important to us please enjoy this 40 minutes flute solo
when you are n Facebook and your friends make plans without you
Doctor house funny
real men have real curves funny dove advert
maybe broccoli doesn’t like you either
scroll lock key funny
the only thing that will get you off your lazy a**
supermarket funny trolley gif
I know I should respect your opinion funny ecard
action movies shooting precision funny
simple logic twilight fail
punk is not dead just exhausted
washing liquid funny
it turns out that my 6th birthday was crazier than my 18th funny
say I won a math debate funny
mums on facebook funny
I tweeted before it was popular
doctors on strike funny
kids star wars saber funny gif
pink panthers to do list funny
I love the b*tch kids funny picture
everyone hates ketchup pre-cum
I am piglet and this is jackass funny
hand dryer demotivational funny
Einstein and Monroe meet at a party funny
B*tch wine funny
beer doesn’t have many vitamins funny quote
funny facebook like icons
party with this wake up to that make-up funny
buckled up little timmy you’re about to see some sh*t
friends with benefits funny Sheldon gif
Surprisingly easy to masturbate to
Lions would never cheat on their mates funny
funny football pole gif
how to give a girl a good organism
how to turn a computer monitor into a mirror
I breastfeed my dad to save his life
my neighbors the 2 cute lesbians next door funny
the moon, best place to be when you’re drunk
Bill Gates while you were reading this
Warface demotivational funny
when English won’t work demotivational funny I-phone
Keyboard not found, press F1 demotivational funny
cat jump epic fail gif
That awkward moment when your crush doesn’t reply to you but updates his facebook
when someone is talking about the person you like funny quote
I think you’re pretty stupid funny quote
Photo illusions – capturing the right moment and perspective

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