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Tuesday Grins – Fracturing the funny bone with style

Tuesday grins – Today is November 19th, the 323rd day of the year. “And so what?” – You could be tempted to respond, and we wouldn’t blame you to be honest. But did you know that on this specific day in:

- 1493: Christopher Columbus sets foot for the first time on an island he names “San Juan Bautista”, and which will be renamed Puerto Rico later on in history.
- 1816: The University of Warsaw (biggest in Poland) opens its doors.

- 1881: It’s the day a meteorite decides to hit Ukraine, southwest of Odessa.

- 1916: “Goldwyn Pictures” is born.

- 1946: The United Nations welcome Iceland, Afghanistan and Sweden.

- 1954: Prince Rainier III launches “Télé Monte Carlo”, Europe’s oldest Tv channel.

- 1969: Pete Conrad and Alan Bean, become the 3rd and 4th astronauts to walk on the lunar surface, while Brazilian football player Pelé scores his 1000th goal.

- 1990: Milli Vanilli lose their Grammy Award after it was proven that they were actually not the real vocals on their “Girl you know it’s true” album.

Anyway, enough History for today as it’s time to get back to the real deal and wish you a whimsical PMSLweb moment!

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brad pitt naming his kid arm
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P-mate for girls

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