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Tuesday hilarity – Your daily collection of funnies

Tuesday hilarity – Once more, the time has come for us to treat you to our collection of smile-packed daily findings. We know that Tuesday has been proved to be the most productive day of the “standard” business week (the less prolific, with no real surprise, turning out to be Friday), but do not let that stop you from checking out what we have in stock today whenever an opportunity presents itself to you… let’s face it, not only will you probably end up not regretting doing so, but adding an additional spark to your daily mood can only have positive effects.

Wishing you a cheerful PMSLweb moment!

Funny this is where I’d put my window -  Tuesday hilarity at

Funny follow the delivery on Google maps at

Funny iStock photo edit at

Can Richard funk humor at

Funny when France counts at

Girl’s be like it’s my first time meme at

Naps explained – Tuesday hilarity at

Funny soul mate singing at

How English has changed over the years at

Lego level me meme at

Guns n’ Moses humor – Tuesday hilarity at

Mid-corn harvest hairstyle humor at

Blonde falling fail at

Funny truck prank at

Funny ice cream advertising fail at

Suspicious hitchhiker funny story at

Mirror, mirror on the wall guetto version at

Magic box bedroom – Tuesday hilarity at

When the DNA comes in funny meme at

Funny Jewpiter meme at

Funny real life Peter Griffin at

Too short to see over cubicle walls funny hack at

Funny Nicolas Cage Pokemons – Tuesday hilarity at

Frustration free packaging fail at

Funny groceries reality at

Funny cheerful planes at

Funny wife discovers browser history painting at

Let that sink in humor at

They don’t see me rolling funny train meme at

Funny prophecy at

Woo hub humor at

Funny me after lunch ultrasound  at

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