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Tuesday humor – A pocket full of chuckles

Tuesday humor – In today’s virtual playground’s edition, a little nonsense, a dash of sarcasm and a lot of silly; so if the prior trailer triggers your funny bone, why not join us on yet a new jocular journey… the more the merrier after all, no?

Wishing you a fun-packed PMSLweb moment!

Send me a pic of new ride Facebook  - Tuesday humor

Funny cutting poultry gif

No Google I didn’t mean that humor

Funny real life wizard

When a man buys a sex toy humor

How do you explain a sunset if there’s no god humor

Dorks now have gangs – Tuesday humor

Funny Finnish saying

How do seatbelts protect us in the eventuality of a crash humor

Important message funny sarcasm

The joy of sucking on balls funny slogan

Funny Putin versus Obama

Funny hemorrhoid advert placement

Relocate Palestine to Sweden – Tuesday humor

Funny dear Abby question fail

Hilarious Asian menu fail

Security T-shirt fail

Getting up in the morning funny meme

Anal registration typo fail

You’re thicker than a bowl of oatmeal – Tuesday humor

Funny wakey wakey bitch cartoon

Throwing your girlfriend into a lake just girl things

Funny roadwork fail

Asking your girlfriend what’s wrong funny cartoon

When the thing becomes erect humor – Tuesday humor

Adobe illustrator humor

That adult thing when you buy an entire cake

Funny tram fail

Guy renovating house funny graph

Well f*ck you funny gif

Funny hotel room review – Tuesday humor

Funny definition of Momster

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