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Tuesday Lolz – A daily gallery of funnies

Tuesday Lolz – If you’re up for a little nonsense, guess what, so are we ; so why not come and waste a few minutes of your time with us. Breathe in the good vibes and breathe out all the rest, after all the cure to bullsh*it turns out to be as easy as that.

Wishing you a smile-packed PMSLweb moment!

Does this sound like a phone hanging up – Tuesday lolz at

The look on that seal’s face meme at

I have a boyfriend text message fail at

White people almost kissing humor at

No one ever said life is easy  ecard at

My friend lives alone – Tuesday lolz at

Pull my finger the big bang meme at

Popular girl no one gives a f*ck at

Whale sperm shampoo at

Gay’s arcade triple win at

Behold sock Narnia meme at

Ass scratch fail – Tuesday lolz at

When you drive past your job on a day off at

Spitting cobra Youtube funny at

Worst singer futurama meme at

Why did you choose my name rage comic at

Virginity force field meme at

Funny anal school picture fail – Tuesday lolz at

When you wish upon a start Disney Star Wars humor at

Stick a memory card up you’re a** ecard at

Funny animal costume fail at

R2D2 vacuum meme at

Funny restraining order comment at

Nyan cat man funny Youtube comment – Tuesday lolz at

Crash bandicoot meme at

My girlfriend asking me to take out the garbage meme at

Bieber throws up on stage funny youtube comment at

Could I be pregnant funny Yahoo at

Guess who Samuel Jackson humor at

Your shitty opinion cat meme – Tuesday lolz at

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