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Tuesday nonsense – Our daily selection of silly pics

Tuesday nonsense – Once more the time has come to submit to your appreciation (or should we say funny bone) our daily selection of funny pictures. After surviving the first two days of the standard business week, those concerned should definitely take the time to catch a breath and top up their giggle-o-meter before reaching the St Hump peak tomorrow.

Wishing you a joyful PMSLweb moment!

Funny sexy pizza – Tuesday nonsense at

Funny recycled Polaroid at

Share this money humor at

Funny plot holes in porn at

How I raped your mother GoT humor at

Sarcastic key chains

Funny cat back scratcher at

Arrested breastfeeding 42 year old son at

Fast and furhious animated at

When porn turns out to be modern art at

Before and after T-shirt comment fail at

Funny  may I introduce you to Jesus  - Tuesday nonsense at

Funny watching one season in a day quote at

When a designer names his files humor at

Funny airforce meme at

Human is the cat’s slave meme at

Funny why pharaohs are buried with their hands across their chest at

Baby Jesus wants a massage meme – Tuesday nonsense at

Jalapenos are like vaginas prank at

Funny scumbag cat at

Funny fake Arabic CD at

Funny planet name comparison chart at

Funny alpha/beta dynamics at

You have to do the work yourself meme – Tuesday nonsense at

Funny you had me at f*ck the system quote at

How to get a cat to use its new bed funny at

Fat cat stuck in cat flap at

Funny anatomy of a beer at

Funny husky raised by a cat at

Funny cat and owner team work – Tuesday nonsense at

Evolution continues humor at

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