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Tuesday sarcasm – Unchaining the wild funnies

Tuesday sarcasm – Please be aware that while the only vocation of the following gallery of funnies is to unleash a handful of wicked giggles from those adept of the genre, some of the language you will encounter could qualify as potty mouth. For this reason, our younger viewers and those who tend to be offended by this specific kind of content may wish to stay clear…

Wishing you a witty PMSLweb moment!

Tuesday sarcasm at

When your horse knows you are a bitch humor at

It’s never too late to STFU sarcastic quote at

Some say vulgarity is no substitute to wit mug at

Some say vulgarity is no substitute to wit mug at

Cute picture of you and your friends sarcasm at

Your dipshit wisdom sarcastic quote – Tuesday sarcasm at

FU your honor sarcastic quote at

You seem to be very well educated sarcastic ecard at

Today is a great day sarcastic meme at

Funny naughty care bears at

Let’s take a moment to thank earphones sarcasm at

Funny evil moccasins – Tuesday sarcasm at

Funny wine O’clock at

Funny attention seekers meme at

You know my name not my story sarcastic come-back at

You’re my rock sarcasm at

I’m grateful to those who speak behind my back – Tuesday sarcasm at

Great minds think alike sarcastic ecard at

Wearing heels is not sexy if you walk like a newborn calf at

Some people need a pat on the head with a hammer humor at

Sarcastic supermarket bluntcard at

Sarcastic prescription ecard at

Funny sarcastic mole fact – Tuesday sarcasm at

Funny sarcastic koala fact at

Funny sarcastic gorilla fact at

Funny sarcastic squirrel fact at

Funny sarcastic barnacle fact at

Funny sarcasm relief capsules at

Butthurt report form internet version – Tuesday sarcasm at

The last flying f*ck movie at

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