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Tuesday sarcastic LOL – When BS hits the fan

Tuesday sarcastic LOL – If ever your week so far has sadly turned out to be “twat-tainted”, and to the extreme that you are seriously considering dragging out your BS-proof armor, the release of the following collection of sarcastic pics might just be perfectly timed. Tired of being subtle and need to get the message through? Search no more….

Wishing you a cheeky PMSLweb moment!

No to racism humor at

Bullshit protector at

Funny if your fridge checked on you at

Funny surprise star wars at

Comparing the planets to your mom humor at

No checks sign humor – Tuesday sarcastic LOL at

Porn parenting fail meme at

Funny this kid will go far at

What mouse walks on two legs joke at

I’m not dentist sarcastic quote at

The Buschemi of wisdom at

Funny Daesh kebab – Tuesday Sarcastic LOL at

Funny hood hammock at

Need for sleep humor at

Funny black guy washing his hands at

Funny quiz answers at

Are you a car sarcasm at

I asked him to see things from my point of view meme at

I implore you to STFU cat meme – Tuesday sarcastic LOL at

Rated stupid costume at

Funny rude watch at

A watched pot never boils meme at

My mom played both roles humor at

Do not place cup in microwave humor at

Man jumped from 4th floor after seeing his online girlfriend news at

Funny bovine excrement meter – Tuesday sarcastic lol at

Funny bullshit goggles at

Enough stupid for today facebook humor at

After eight chocolate humor at

Baffle them with bullshit funny quote at

Guaranteed 100% bullshit humor at

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