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Lucky day – One he’ll never forget

Unbelievable lucky day – Have you ever heard of the famous tv show “The Price is right”? Well here’s the story of the luckiest man ever, and whose participation to the game clearly made history. One day this young man, a casual neighbor and friend, a nice chap without any pretension whatsoever decides to give Drew Carey’s legendary game a shot…. did he put a four leaf clover under his pillow the night before, drive to the studios with a rabbit foot hanging in his car that day or even nail a horse shoe above his front door beforehand… one will probably never know; but one thing’s for sure, Taylor ended up “winning” the 19th birthday none of us would ever even dare to dream about.
That specific birthday is one he’ll never forget. This young fella really had no clue when getting up on that particular morning that his lucky star had decided to make all his dreams come true.


lucky day - when a redneck wins the lottery

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