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Valentine’s day humor – Your ultimate guide to romance


Be my precious – Valentine’s day humor at

Valentine’s day humor – Welcome to PMSLweb’s special lovers day edition. Every year on February 14th the pressure tends to go up a notch. Although deep down inside you know that your significant other will be pleased no matter what (well evidently this does not apply if ever you purely and simply dare to forget about it, don’t tempt the devil), in the back of your mind you still hope that you will not deceive, because if you don’t see those two little marbles light up at some point during the day, you will get to drag the failure around on your chest… and while one forgives, one never forgets.

While Cupid’s sole purpose is to inject the world with love, the chubby cherub also can be quite a cheeky bastard who secretly gets a kick out of the various traps hidden all through this February 14th obstacle course. Anyway, let’s face it, there’s no way we can allow that to happen, so today we’ve decided to help you out a tad with this “Ultimate Valentine’s day guide”. Common mistakes can and will be avoided, so please put your faith in us.

Wishing every lover in the world a groovy and passionate Valentine ’s Day.

Will you be my valentine – give it a try, and don’t forget the card

Tell a girl you like her iPhone funny at

Forever alone or forever together card at

Princess valentine’s day card fail at

You’re an a**hole card – Valentine’s day humor at

Yoda best valentine card at

I still love the freaking shit out of you ecard at

I don’t need you to write me a love letter ecard at

I wanna do things to your butt card – Valentine’s day humor at

What is love about – a quick recap

Tell me what you want book at

He gonna be mad when I tell him I’m on my period at

A good wife forgives her husband when she’s wrong at

Her side and his side blanket at

You never lift a finger around the house meme at

Beware of wife – Valentine’s day humor at

Single – we all know the drill, this one is for you

February is singles awareness month at

Nerd couple meme – Valentine’s day humor at

No boyfriend November was a success ecard at

File for divorce home depot humor at

Cheated on memes at

And remember that…

February 15th cheap candy day at

Where not to take your valentine: Ever heard of POOF you’re single?

Mc Donalds Valentine’s day at

Phat Phuc noodle bar – Valentine’s day humor at

Vagina tandoory restaurant at

Crabs for valentine’s day at

Want to impress her with a home-cooked dinner? Sure thing… but…

Heart shaped nuggets – Valentine’s day humor at

NO !

The gifts – For her

Sweet but perfectly ridiculous, she probably actually enjoy these, so if you really love her and she means the world to you…suck it up!

Dual heart shaped glove at

Love mittens at

Sweat heart sweet shirt at

The collection of Nooooo’s! No, no and Hell no!

Wrong way to gift Valentine flowers at

Valentine’s day in Colorado at

Hug me cookie fail – Valentine’s day humor at

Penis chocolate drink at

Meat underwear at

Glow in the dark lingerie – Valentine’s day humor at

Vintage gift garbage disposer at

Funny your package gift at

Candy necklace humor at

Show your boobies coupon at

DVD fail – Valentine’s day humor at

400 ways to make a sandwich book at

Sure grip cream at

Mc Donald’s gift card at

Tongue scrapers – Valentine’s day humor at

Name a roach at

Painkiller coated condoms at

Where not to shop!

Dick's store valentine's day at

Ready to pop the question? No, not this way for sure…

Walmart wedding rings at

The ring mug – Valentine’s day humor at

Hamburger wedding proposal at

Pizza hut wedding proposal at

Wedding ring key-ring at

The gifts – For him

Those he could actually enjoy, everyone knows where a man’s brains really are.. so why not make his heart skip a beat!

Funny him/her undies – Valentine’s day humor at

Sex checks at

Man bottle stopper at

Let’s make out mug at

Those we would avoid… no but really…

Face-a** sponge at

Husband training flash cards at

Vintage action pants – Valentine’s day humor at

Colon hydrotherapy at

Him/her matching bras at

The pecker checker at

Internal deodorant at

I love my girlfriend t-shirt at

Dual toilets – Valentine’s day humor at

To sum up, what you really need to know…

Making a woman happy versus making a man happy at

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