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Wacky Sunday guffaws – Your daily dose of funny pics

Wacky Sunday guffaws – We hope that a fair number of you are getting to enjoy a nice and lazy Sunday before being sucked into the dreaded Monday vortex. For those who opted to come and waste their precious time procrastinating online, may we interest you in our latest selection of lighthearted memes and pictures? A few chuckles can never do you wrong after all…

Wishing you a chillax Sunday and a facetious PMSLweb moment!

Opening the door for the pizza man on 4/20 funny meme - Wacky Sunday guffaws

I can pee funny kid's classwork answer

I have found the perfect lawyer funny meme

When your friend doesn't revive you in a game funny gif

People crying about stepping on legos have never heard of jacks funny meme

Trump is a gremlin funny cartoon - Wacky Sunday guffaws

Funny wiener art tweet

This woman is literally a 6 funny meme

Teletubbies are actually 10 feet tall funny meme

When you find ammo for a weapon you haven't got yet funny meme

Seeing a grown man cry funny meme

Looking for an asshole big enough to replace Bill O'Reilly funny meme

How USB keys work humor - Wacky Sunday guffaws

Funny convertible laptop fail

Nicki Minaj is my favorite rapist funny tweet fail

 Who grew up with homemade hamburgers that looked like this meme

Wong Hoe funny name prank - Wacky Sunday guffaws

 A girl farts while you're giving her head funny Facebook answer

Funny types of knives guide

Asshole cat trips over little girl funny gif

When you drop your lollipop on the carpet and pick it back up funny meme

When your best friend tags someone else in a meme humor

Braille grammar nazi funny meme - Wacky Sunday guffaws

What I do when I say something awkward funny graph

Funny Laundry relationship status

Guy looks like a PT cruiser funny meme

Funny Pope Slayer band parody

Unicorn just wants a Scotch funny cartoon

That's what you get for inventing calculus funny meme

What you see in the mirror on Monday morning funny meme - Wacky Sunday guffaws

Your friendship rings versus my friendship rings sarcastic humor

I'm great at multitasking sarcastic humor

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