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Wednesday hilarity – Casting a spell on your funny bone

Wednesday hilarity – Once upon a time valiant web surfers had finally made their way to the midweek doorway and were about to find out if the grass does actually turn out to be greener on the other side. Just before adventuring head first into the unknown, the latter decided to make a small halt in order to build up immunity against any bullsh*t that they could encounter during the rest of the week. Laughter being the best medicine, they figured out that a handful of lighthearted funnies could to the trick…

Wishing you a rib ticking PMSLweb moment!

Thuggies humor – Wednesday hilarity

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Funny honest Facebook post

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Funny be careful Burger king status

Funny Australian spider chart

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Is my son ok stick family humor

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Funny shadow

You have 5$ to build your ideal man

Funny suspicious cat meme

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My spirit animal found me humor

Asking someone to take a photo of me funny cartoon

Love is complicated by Ikea

A good way to get to know your date humor

You get offended on facebook meme

The adventures of business cat boxes humor

Women won’t take a guy who still lives with his mom meme

Funny desperate raccoon – Wednesday hilarity

If you cut off a college girl’s head funny tweet

Feeding ducks on the porch humor

VLC has encountered a problem with windows meme

When you hold the door for someone humor

Funny dinosaur on the moon

When you go to the fast food humor

When you realize that your grandfather was a jedi – Wednesday hilarity

If plants could talk to babies humor

Every time the sun goes down for a nap humor

Buying lego for children humor

It walks like it shit itself humor

It’s called alcohol funny quote – Wednesday hilarity

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