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Wednesday lolz – Your midweek delicatessen spot on time

Wednesday lolz – Good news, for all of those concerned, your midweek order of funnies has just been delivered. As we make it through the final stages of the FIFA World Cup (and quite interesting stages may we add), we couldn’t resist the urge to slip into today’s picture collection a few football related goodies..but we’ll let you discover the latter by yourselves.

Wishing you a giggle-riddled PMSLweb moment!

Flying Van Persie – Wednesday lolz at

What I’d look like with a 6 pack at

Bill enclosed humor at

Funny if Google were at

World cup ref humor – Wednesday lolz at

Funny bad place to stand at

Nagging wife plugin at

Facebook comment prank at

It’s a hippo’s head humor at

Good husbands choose cannabis – Wednesday lolz at

Kill Bieber captcha at

Social traffic versus porn traffic at

Cristiano Ronaldo hits a one man wall at

Premature ejaculators anonymous at

Funny mechanic autocorrect – Wednesday lolz at

One does not simply walk meme at

Dr Pumper septic services at

Ouija board funny autocorrect at

Johnny Derpp at

Short history of modern music  – Wednesday lolz at

Bad case of poison ballsac funny autocorrect at

How to get lots of comments on a post at

Awkward autocorrect at

History’s first recorded facepalm at

Tampax tetris – Wednesday lolz at

Dog like a boss at

Funny kiss cam – Wednesday lolz at

I discovered America meme at

And now Ladies & Gentlemen, we would like to end this post by paying a small tribute to an amazing football player who frequently tends to make the news : Luis Suarez.
How to defend against Suarez funny at

Don’t mess with Suarez at

Funny Suarez KFC at

Suarez biting award funny – Wednesday lolz at

How Suarez sees Ivanovic at

Funny Suarez meme at

Suarez Jaws at

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