Wednesday mischief – A Hump day edition of funnies

Wednesday mischief – While reaching Hump day may seem anodyne to some, to others it turns out to be quite an important achievement as it marks the halfway point of the “standard” business week. Hello, two more sleeps until the weekend people… (Evidently, we know that it won’t be the case for all, but we’re translating the general spirit here). In order to celebrate this impressive milestone, why not take a few minutes to catch a breath and dive into our latest collection of funnies?

Wishing you a diverting PMSLweb moment!

Microsoft edge humor  - Wednesday mischief at

Treegasms meme at

Hilarious Asian name at

Funny lawn mowing job offer sign at

Being poor sucks at

I miss you funny text message at

Funny Albert Einstein story – Wednesday mischief at

Pepper shampoo at

Throwing Champagne bottle fail at

Trying to lay on your side with glasses on at

Making toast funny youtube comment at

Funny begging lotion at

Hello Lionel Richie funny Youtube comment at

Minions are real humor – Wednesday mischief at

Owl needs an exorcist funny cartoon at

Funny feminine hygiene aisle fail at

Funny Jesus fly problem at

Funny Pluto meme at

Finishing each other’s sentences humor at

Funny do you want some good sex – Wednesday mischief at

Bosnia versus Croatia humor at

Funny Miley Cyrus Hunger Games tweet at

Caution wet floor humor at

Funny Jesus employee of the month at

Smartphone you took our job humor at

Funny when your mechanic calls in priests – Wednesday mischief at

Bubble wrap will no longer pop funny fail at

Funny antenna hairstyle and wifi at

Funny optimist, pessimist and cat cartoon at

No baby on board Durex humor at

Selfienator humor at

People in the earth funny fail – Wednesday mischief at

Your next president poster humor at

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