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Wednesday ROFL – Your midweek madness delivery

Wednesday ROFL – Once more, our midweek edition of nonsense awaits you, and features the latest findings we stumbled across during our long hours of internet scavenging. If in need of a handful of chuckles search no more, and give the following collection of funnies a shot… chances are that you won’t regret your stop over.

In all cases, wishing you a delightful Hump day and a fun PMSLweb moment!

Funny suicide adapter – Wednesday ROFL

Funny advert vandalism

Funny climate change cartoon

When there’s no more seats left on the bus humor

Funny history test answer

Funny 1st Anniversary tweet

Funny shuttle bus status

Funny Darwin award – Wednesday ROFL

Funny library aisle

Giving money to charity funny cartoon

Sometimes I shave one leg humor

Funny McDonald’s tattoo

Your nose is a woman twerking humor

That relatable feeling humor – Wednesday ROFL

First life form with a penis humor

Funny parent teacher meeting meme

Funny gas who board game

Painting not available in your country meme

Car goes from 0 to 60 in 5s humor

Tongue game oreo meme

Poor little rich girl Kardashian humor – Wednesday ROFL

Premature Christmas decorating meme

Funny wedding vows cartoon

Chores jaws parody

Caretakers tragic death fail

Whiny little bitch humor

Milk has gone bad funny cartoon – Wednesday ROFL

Road signs for idiots

Judgment day Jesus humor

Free rectal photography offer humor

I tried to drown my sorrows in alcohol funny quote

Feeding the deers humor

Penguins think they are great sarcasm – Wednesday ROFL

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