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Wednesday Shitz n Giggles – Funny pics and memes

Wednesday Shitz n Giggles – Before starting today’s nonsense, we would like to pay our respects to the families and friends of those who lost their lives and to those who were wounded during the Berlin tragedy which occurred on Monday night. Our thoughts also go to the German nation after this horrendous event.

Two more Hump days to pull through on this infamous 2016 calendar (and while we do hope that things will brighten up a tad in 2017, chances are that the idiom “Misfortunes never come singly” may apply here… but time will tell, we guess…). Anyway the last thing we want right now is to spoil the mood, and with the end of the year celebrations now only a few breaststrokes away, no doubt that a handful of mood enhancers probably will sound like a brilliant idea; so without further ado, why not take a peek at our latest selection of funny Hump Day bullsh*t!

Wishing you a delightful PMSLweb moment!

Funny Christmas tip for misbehaving kids - Wednesday Shitz n Giggles

Funny security question childhood nickname humor

We are a society of lazy fuckfaces funny meme

Boxing glove looks like it wants to build a wall funny meme

Christmas f*ck you greetings sarcastic humor

Want to see the North pole funny adult Christmas joke – Wednesday Shitz n Giggles

Trick used in Japan to make drivers slow down funny meme

Christmas gift for dickhead adult humor

The Sprite lemon exists funny meme

Taking your drunk friend home funny gif

Dog is jealous of new puppy humor – Wednesday Shitz n Giggles

When you find out the Titanic sank with 10 000 bottles of wine meme

It’s all fun and games until it starts raining funny meme

When she asks what that dick do adult humor

Funny Santa Claus Cyanide and happiness cartoon

What do priests and Christmas trees have in common funny adult joke – Wednesday Shitz n Giggles

My special skill is to eat gluten funny meme

I dropped candle wax on my pumpkin funny meme

Funny video game disaster list update

Learn to give blowjobs with push pop candy funny meme

When I try to throw out broken toys funny meme – Wednesday Shits n Giggles

Funny dog gets excited watching bolt gif

I have a feeling that my ex knows that I still use her Netfix account funny meme

When her personal hygiene leaves much to be desired adult humor

Smoke wheat funny meme

When you feel the hoe coming out funny meme – Wednesday Shitz n Giggles

Funny barber Reese’s hairstyle meme

When all your girl friends know why you’re with him funny meme

Funny mistletoe definition

Welcome to hell here’s a list of everyone you had a crush on humor

Wife meets back up with her husband in heaven funny joke – Wednesday Shitz n Giggles

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