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Weekend funniness – A Sunday selection of funny pics

Weekend funniness – Hour after hour the infamous Sunday feeling tends to intensify, a cruel reminder of what awaits us tomorrow. As Monday gets ready to abduct us, it’s not rare to see our energy level drop drastically, allowing procrastination to reach its climax…. And what better place to waste time than on the Internet, right? Given that our latest selection of Sunday chuckles is now up and kicking, please feel free!

Wishing you a chillax Sunday and a grin-tainted PMSLweb moment!

Of course size matters wine humor - Weekend funniness

When you’ve cleaned your room and ask your mom to come and see meme

How lesbians send dick pics funny meme

Sit like a lady funny cat meme

The look I get when I don’t give my dog any of my food funny meme

iPhone 8 humor – Weekend funniness

Funny little Timmy vaccination poem

God creating spiders funny tweet

Decided to pick a fight with my wife funny meme

Funny male fashion something went terribly wrong

Apathy drinks funny cartoon

The monsters under your bed are just internet people funny cartoon

Funny Scooby doo FML – Weekend funniness

Shampoo fragrances these days humor

Funny cyclists rapture signs

Funny liquid ass spray review

Trump criticizing New York times funny fail

Funny co-exist bumper sticker

When a customer wants to speak to the manager funny meme

Wang insurance funny meme – Weekend funniness

Funny bumhole gif

Funny before iPhone 7 and after

Why do people in England speak American funny Yahoo question

My neighbor’s chicken wants to kill me funny meme

When your card has been declined funny dank meme

My grandfather has Alzheimer’s harambe joke – Weekend funniness

The colony is going to love this funny ant meme

I just received a picture of my mom’s tits funny FML

Funny don’t be that girl poster

Funny beheading prank

Funny Q-tips warning – Weekend funniness

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