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Weekend lol – Funny pics to sublimate your WE mood

Weekend lol – Rare are those who will be against spiking up their Saturday with a few wicked chuckles, so please welcome yet a new collection of mood revitalizing pictures. If ever you need a quick fix, don’t hesitate in giving us a shot, as our latest shipment might turn out to be just what you need.

Wishing you a wacky PMSLweb moment!

Turtle bites dog’s nuts – Weekend lol at

Funny news article when he finds a big hole at

Iron man and pokemons at

Shut the fucupcakes at

The lord of the bling at

How I think I look after gym – Weekend lol at

Funny rude spiderman at

How come know it alls don’t know how annoying they are at

Name means biggest D*ck in Arabic at

Funny Eskimo love at

Dancing fail on TV at

Booby beer cover – Weekend lol at

Funny Obama bowling at

Popeye is on weed at

Ford circled the problem meme at

I have a workstation funny quote at

Dog poo on the pram wheels at

Funny Pinocchio shorts – Weekend lol at

Cookie monster finds his parents humor at

Walmart advertising fail at

Funny condom and tampon fighting at

Santa Claus decoration fail at

RIP Disney Ariel funny at

Horny dog and trampoline accident – Weekend lol at

Funny homophobic news at

Edward Cullen is not real funny at

Slang dissected funny cartoon at

Rude bubble tea at

Kratos kitten of war meme – Weekend lol at

France is bacon humor at

Monster in your bed funny at

Silent alarm clock at

Waiting in line funny at

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