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Weekend lolz – Crazy is in the house tonight

Weekend lolz – Before getting started today, we would like to wish a Happy New Year to all our Muslim buddies, we hope that the upcoming year will treat you right and turn out to be synonym of love, health and happiness in general (please take it easy on the nanah tea will you). As far as the rest of the news is concerned it’s the weekend would you believe it, and since it’s time to kick-off your shoes and enjoy, here’s our weekend selection of funnies.

Wishing you a gorgeous PMSLweb moment!

Understand your fish – Weekend lolz at

Parenting demotivational at

Like and share if you love your grandma at

Football players versus swimmers at

Palestinian child versus American child at

Jesus humor it’s my party – Weekend lolz at

Funny hamburger cartoon at

Funny KFC cartoon at

Funny life hacks at

Military feeding pigeons humor at

Children and internet funny cartoon – Weekend lolz at

Shearing sheep funny cartoon at

When grandma hears you haven’t eaten cartoon at

Kids our days humor at

Situation in Brazil sarcastic cartoon at

Shark humor – Weekend lolz at

Funny party evolution at

Two birds one stoned humor at

Cat owners meme at

My relationship with McDonalds humor at

Funny sunbathing meme – Weekend lolz at

Husband pancake fail at

Male strip tease fail at

My food bowl is empty cat meme at

I finally caught the red dot meme at

You’ve confused me with someone who builds a dam meme at

You’re Sesame street smart quote – Weekend lolz at

Married Facebook status funny cartoon at

When flies rub their hands humor at

Trying to summon an internet connection at

Listening to one direction funny at

My babe looks like Bill Cosby funny at

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