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Welcome to Straya – An Oi Oi Oi collection of funnies

Welcome to Straya – Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome on PMSLweb Air’s flight 747 to the Land Down Under. Our aircraft today is under the command of Captain Froz, and our flight time will be approximately 10 minutes.

While we are here to ensure that your flight occurs in the best possible conditions, we are also concerned about your safety. With that in mind, we care to remind you that keg’s are available under every seat of our aircraft in the case of an emergency. The latter is also equipped with aisle path lighting and, if you were subject to a hangover and your visibility was impaired, just follow the pretty little lights. White leds lead to red ones which indicate that you have reached the closest bathroom.

In order to efficiently prepare your arrival, here is today’s weather forecast for some of the major Australian towns – please select your clothing accordingly :

Sydney : 21/29°C – Showers
Melbourne : 16/23°C – Showers
Brisbane : 22/31°C – A little rain
Perth: 19/37°C – Sunny
Hobart: 14/19°C – Rain
Canberra : 14/29°C – Showers
Darwin: 23/30°C – Showers

We will airborne shortly, thank you for your attention and the crew wishes you a fantastic PMSLweb moment!

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