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A compilation of word definitions – What it really means

A compilation of word definitions – Do you always use words and phrases the way they actually were meant to be as seen in the dictionary? We all know the saying ‘there are always two sides to every story’; well often this also can apply to what we say in our every day life, on a regular basis. When you say oki, does it always mean that you are oki?
It’s time to start decoding a little, in a far more honest way…
Wishing you a lovely educational PMSLweb moment!

what etc means
what secret means
what tomorrow means
what does slut mean
what are calories
what does babysit mean
what does tickling mean
What does group project mean
what does bear mean
what is a gift card
what does never mind mean
what is a teenager
what does k mean
what is a web MD
what are siblings
what does laughing mean
what are pets
what is disappointment
what are feet
what are sweatpants
what is a dilemma
what is a gynecologist
what is a shoe cleaner
definition of cashew
definition of oh cool
definition of single
definition of karma
definition of drama
definition of sarcasm
definition of eskiho
definition of christmas
definition of manicure
definition of teacher
definition of democracy
definition of iPhone
definition of clapping
definition of study
definition of synonym
Feeling better aren’t you? You now realize that you no longer are an isolated case!
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