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Wild Monday pictures – Take a walk on the wild side

Wild Monday pictures – While it’s time for us to set our minds back to work, dedicating a little quality time to our funny bone may not turn out to be a very bad idea. Indeed, if you do the math, in the long run our performances are directly linked to our mood, and the following equation sums it up:


Newton Law giving a F at

Wishing you a humoristic PMSLweb moment!

Cat and hedgehog funny gif – Wild Monday pictures at

Ford junkyards humor at

Funnie selfie ecard at

I’m twisted ecard at

Office microwave ecard at

Orgasm donor at

Dog’s conscience funny – Wild Monday pictures at

There’s someone for everyone ecard at

Flooding in Ireland funny at

Dog hooked on crack funny cartoon at

Vintage auto beer bar at

My next trick vodka ecard at

When I tag you sarcastic ecard – Wild Monday pictures at

Fine line between a wife and a prostitute at

Monkey award meme at

Look at me funny at

I do sit up funny quote at

Chick Norris demotivational – Wild Monday pictures at

I’m not a Facebook stalker ecard at

You must be as tall as my balls at

Just the tip is an urban legend  at

Funny glasses picture at

Funny SONY logo picture – Wild Monday pictures at

Lobster rage fist at

Funny fake married man magazine at

Gimme the cookies humor at

Sofa king fail at

Star Trek red shirt demotivational at

Funny commando signs translated – Wild Monday pictures at

Twister fail at

Twirking dog gif at

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