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Witty Hump day – Your Wednesday dose of funnies

Witty Hump day – If ever you were considering punctuating your week with a few smiles, please allow us to offer you a helping hand with the following selection of Wednesday funnies. Once more our hours of scavenging have led us to surf through a number of secluded, indecorous but kick-butt corners web grounds… to our greatest delight!

Wishing you an entertaining PMSLweb moment!

Funny raccoon gif – Witty Hump day at

Vegetarian hunting picture meme at

Stupid tweet at

This little piggy meme at

What a majestic creature meme at

Funny thanks for the game invite at

My first rave book cover – Witty Hump day at

This guy cut me off meme at

I forgot father’s day humor at

She’s running away meme at

Living fossils humor at

Football players cartoon – Witty Hump day at

Funny rape fail news at

Texting my crush meme at

Funny Camilla Parker Bowles survey at

Time to turn the burgers meme at

I don’t play facebook games at

Funny fairy granting wish cartoon – Witty Hump day at

Woman filled her vagina with poison news at

Funny winrar cartoon at

Give geeks a panic attack at

Don’t pull grandpa’s finger funny cartoon at

Spiderman shaving funny cartoon at

World cup 2014 England humor – Witty Hump day at

Illuminati Facebook fail at

Shopping for a date humor at

Crocs in public humor at

Football advertising fail at

Funny sloth meme at

Scottish groom fail – Witty Hump day at

Meat heads versus vegetables at

Necklace definition fail at

Phallus python meme at

Funny mood penis cartoon at

Swearing at work guide – Witty Hump day at

Dafuq is that gender at

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