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Funny Picture Collection – Your daily dose of fun

Funny picture collection – An express pre-weekend delivery of smiles which finds its way directly to you? Yup, we can do that and at it’s even a moral duty as to do so!
So here we are with yet another collection of funny pictures which we hope will color-up your day a bit.

Wishing you a chuckling PMSLweb moment!

human organ fridhe prank
sonic friendszone level complete
dear small lines of dust that won't go into the dustpan
Dora and Internet explorer funny
when people go underwater in movies
joint facebook account ecard
Mario bros and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
how to make everyone at school hate you schoolbag
man flu definition funny
famous blue part who could erase ink
old lady with painted on bikini fail
if you have ever stuck your finger in one of these then you know
why does toilet paper need a commercial
dear youtube I will always skip this ad
voltorb cosplay funny picture
why do people say they're having a tuna fish sandwich
cranes they aren't raised they magically appear
label how it looks, how it feels
it's called sunkissed, not dorito raped
he is only one fart away from death
hello old friend shampoo
why do smurfs giggle when they run
You play the victim so well ecard
tetris adulthood edition funny
Italian speaking mode on
Well fook you too broccoli
acceptable replacement for the word no
facebook family spelling fail
My dad made me a PBJ 2.0
so many friendships destroyed because of this card
this is the person your algebra problems warned you about
no gold for you
power rangers created the google chrome symbol
you wanted to wash your hands for more than 4 seconds
you know you're desperate for an answer when you loo on the second page of google
getting real tired of your sh*t mario
you don't need a permit to build a table and chairs
I think it's only fair to throw monopoly money at strippers with fake boobs
maximum capacity it's not a challenge
for seal funny
shoot your alarm clock gadget
canadian archeologie funny
beating eggs shell fail
kids nana nana nana and batman t-shirts
a  small trampoline tattoo

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