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About PMSLweb – The Internet Scavengers

Welcome to Piss Myself laughing, the Internet Scavengers playground and 100% Chill-Out website whose only vocation is to help you escape the stress linked to your every day life for a handful of minutes – or more! After all, don’t they say that soap is to the body what laughter is to the soul?

Don’t be shy, come and browse our different categories, check out our databases of funny pictures – including humoristic memes, demotivational images, makeover’s and wicked quotes, just to name a few – crazy videos, hilarious jokes, thematic posts – the sky’s not even the limit when we set our mind to it- and much more which is updated regularly.
If like us you count the Star Wars and Geek universes among your pet peeves, please be aware that we have dedicated each one of them a specific category which we try to update occasionaly when we have a tad extra time on our scavenging hands.

PMSLweb has also put a Miscellaneous section at your disposal that we enjoy updating on a regular basis; in the latter we include findings gathered left and right while surfing the web, and while most of what can be found under it will not – or only little – be humor related, we believe the published content worthy of your interest and time, so please feel free to give it a peep.

In the future the chances are grand that further categories will see the light on our grounds, but have no fear we will keep you posted on that…pinky promise.

Long story short, whatever humor tends to make your day; sweet, sarcastic, dark, screwball, slapstick, naughty or even satire, we will do our best to try and match your needs on

Wishing you an exquisite and very entertaining PMSLweb moment… and may the force be with you!

The Internet Scavengers team.

DISCLAIMER: While some pictures that you will find on PMSLweb are our own creations, a big part of those that you will encounter are not in any way our property and were just picked up left and right while scavenging the web. If you come across one of your creations on our website and wish to see the latter removed, please feel free to message us and it shall be done ASAP.

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