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PMSLweb miscellaneous posts which will often get you thinking out of the box

Interesting miscellaneous Internet pictures – A collection

Interesting miscellaneous Internet pictures

Interesting miscellaneous Internet pictures – During our endless hours of Internet scavenging we often come across a few interesting findings left and right which don’t really fit into a category/post of their own. Once in a while we decide that the time has come to share the latter with you under the “Misc Pictures Collection” label, and given that Sunday ... Read More »

Miscellaneous – A collection of interesting pictures

Racist brain scan – Miscellaneous at

Miscellaneous – Ever since PMSLweb first “aired”, once in a while we enjoy dedicating a post to various kinds of miscellaneous pictures we stumble across while surfing the infinite world wide web ocean. Given that we have not had the occasion to do so yet since 2015 started, we thought that kick starting the week with a misc post could ... Read More »

Stephen King humor – Dedicated to the master of horror


Stephen King humor – Born on September 21st 1947 in Portland (Maine), author Stephen Edwin King is undeniably the master of horror and suspense as far as novel writing is concerned. With over 350 million copies sold all across the world – not to mention famous movie and television adaptations of his novels – who could possibly pretend otherwise? King ... Read More »

Scary Stories – A spooky and creepy Halloween treat


Scary Stories – Halloween is known to be the moment of the year, where not only do people gladly submit themselves to a traditional crazy and wicked dressing up session (which usually tends to pair up gorgeously with a handful of beverage fuelled giggles), but also find an unhidden pleasure in freaking themselves out after nightfall, with creepy stories and/or ... Read More »

Iphone 6 Cases – Practice safe six


Iphone 6 Cases – As a popular idiom points out, love makes the world go round. You never know when the latter will strike, and while many beautiful romances start in the most unexpected places, chances are that you’re probably not aware that one of your most faithful and devoted everyday companions can be confronted to it at any moment ... Read More »

Gross pictures – WTF did I just see


Gross pictures – While the internet turns out to be an inexhaustible source of knowledge and a major opening on the world on a daily basis, undeniably, it also has enabled us to discover a certain amount of “other” facts and oddities which – let’s be honest – we probably could gladly have done without. Before you decide to go ... Read More »

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