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Wednesday chuckles – A humoristic hump day selection

Urinal humor at

Wednesday chuckles – Making it to the top of the business week’s mount is one thing – and congrats on that by the way – but making the most of the experience is another. Mood enhancing and a good dose of guffaws should be set as a priority right now, and coincidence, as your chuckle dealer we have just what ... Read More »

Sarcastic bash – Funny sarcasm at its finest

Funny customers who bought this at

Sarcastic bash – Hump day is the perfect occasion to unleash the nutcase beast which often remains in standby deep inside you. While you often do your best to keep the latter sedated (and we all know how hard that can turn out to be), letting it take an occasional wild spin insures you a certain level of insanity at ... Read More »

Best and worst tattoos – You will decide


Best and worst tattoos – Previously, we had already treated you to a collection featuring some of the best and worst tattoos that we had stumbled across during our hours of scavenging, but today we decided that the time had come to update our files, and share a new selection of some of the most amazing AND terrifying tattoos we ... Read More »

Female logic – Celebrating international women’s day


Female logic – Today March 8th, women are in the spotlight as International women’s day (IWD) is celebrated worldwide. While last year the theme chosen by the United Nations was “A Promise is a Promise: Time for Action to End Violence Against Women”, this year they settled for “Inspiring change” Over the years, IWD has become an actual holiday in ... Read More »

PMSLweb Christmas funnies – Wishing you merry giggles

Merry Christmas from

Christmas funnies collection – As we type these words, our friend Santa, up in the North Pole, is currently placing his sleigh on the tarmacadam road of his personal runway. Alabaster Snowball, Bushy Evergreen, Pepper Minstix, Shinny Upatree, Sugarplum Mary and Wunhorse Openslea, his elves, are supervising the operations and after months of training, their stress level is sky-rocking as ... Read More »

Halloween special – Time to come knocking at PMSLweb’s door

funny ghost story dog when I realized we weren’t going to the park

Halloween special - It’s finally October 31st, aka Halloween, aka the day you’d better stock up on candy in order to greet the vicious little ghouls, mummys,vampires,zombies,ghosts and other brats whom will come threatening you at your doorstep, as dictated by tradition! While originally Halloween was mostly celebrated in the US as well as in Canada (other Christian countries would ... Read More »

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