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Hilarious picture dump – Funny Monday BS

Hilarious picture dump – Sadly, the weekend is over and the time has come to take a deep breath and dive back into our beloved weekly tasks. Productivity is supposed to be the name of the game, so in order to fully comply with what is expected of you please make sure to occasionally treat your mind to some funny bone candy in order to keep your spirits high. By doing so, trust us, you’ll be putting all chances by your side and should make it through yet another long-ass week. If hilarious pics, kick-ass comments and derisive humor tend to always draw a smile on your face, search no more and take a few minutes to scroll through our latest funny BS gallery!

Wishing you a glorious new week and an uproarious PMSLweb moment!

Why grammar is important funny meme - Hilarious picture dump

Funny Virgin mobile meme

We don't call 911 funny comment

I got dick twice this month funny comment

Funny Leonardo Dicaprio paintings fail

When your password is admin funny meme

I'm chief kickabitch funny meme - Hilarious picture dump

Magic Mike versus Shrek funny comment

Hero bird saves guy from fine funny meme

When she says we need to talk funny meme

I would like to introduce you to the dolphin's nose funny meme

Funny naked man tattoo - Hilarious picture dump

This is Mambo number 5 funny meme

When you give red bull to a woodpecker funny meme

Bachelor Vatican edition funny inappropriate meme

My eyes are up here funny turkey meme

Just put the dick down funny meme - Hilarious picture dump

Chick fil a employees training funny meme

When meeting Ernie goes horribly wrong funny meme

Melting as a result of heat funny meme

Not funny mom funny burka meme

A bird landed on my girlfriend's head funny comment

Funny Roumanian look alikes - Hilarious picture dump

When you shave your balls but miss a few hairs funny meme

When you ask an Australian if they want vegemite on their toast adult meme

I thought DJ Khaled just graduated funny comment

Funny truth behind cat photo - Hilarious picture dump

Funny Snow white and the 7 dwarfs candy design fail

When you already want to talk to the manager funny meme

When your grandpa dies in your arms adult meme

How a few leaves can completely change a story funny meme

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