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Amusing picture collection – Your dose of Tuesday goodies

Amusing picture collection – In the mood for a few chuckles? Great, we were not expecting less of you. For some (the lucky bastards who are getting to enjoy a Monday-less work week), this week may already be turning out to be less stressful than usual, so why not treat yourself to an additional joyful add-on by taking a spin through our latest collection of jocular Tuesday guffaws. If ever on the other hand you did have to survive another ruthless Monday, your excuses to catch a breath are double, so let the scrolling begin!

Wishing you a smile-powered PMSLweb moment!

Funny princess cat on flying carpet gif - Amusing picture collection

Who wore it better dog on head meme

Father Joseph and the black goat funny cartoon

It only takes one slow walking person in the grocery store funny quote

Darth Vader on United Airlines funny meme

Pennywise has your boyfriend's phone unlocked funny meme

Bombs devastated after losing mother funny meme - Amusing picture collection

When someone drops a penny funny Jewish meme

If I got a penny every time someone wasted my time funny meme

Chuck Norris is sent to North Korea funny meme

Dropping fertilizer on your page sarcastic humor

The 5 seconds rule has been increased to 10 sarcastic humor

Couple tattoos and the side bitch funny meme - Amusing picture collection

When your kid draws you as a dick social media humor

Funny chest wig

New born is already fed up with people funny meme

When boys do stupid things with you sarcastic humor

Funny 2001 monolith action figure - Amusing picture collection

You know you're growing old when funny quote

How to get your boyfriend to choose sex over LoL Facebook humor

I don't hold grudges humor

A fart a day keeps the wife away funny underpants

Vegans about to hatch funny meme - Amusing picture collection

Grab the ball Wilkins funny gif

French weapons in history funny Google search

Someone missed his morning meditation funny meme

Pray for my bank account funny meme

Every bully from a 90s movie funny meme - Amusing picture collection

When the megazord is overbooked funny gif

Don't take your troubles to bed sarcastic humor

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