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A category for all the Star Wars fans. Various posts linked to the famous Star Wars saga can be found here; pictures, videos etc

Star Wars social – The force is on our fav social network

Star Wars Social humor

Star Wars social – Honestly it’s very hard these days to come across someone who is not involved with the social network universe; whether you are a punctual or occasional user, if you cannot be found on Facebook, Twitter, Google + or any other digital “playground”, basically you’re off radar and are purposely burying yourself into a social abyss. Your ... Read More »

Telling your kids about Star Wars – How and when

Telling your kids about Star Wars

Telling your kids about Star Wars – While most of us were lucky enough to discover all the Star Wars episodes in the order and time span in which they were officially released, for memo: - IV A new hope (1977) - V The Empire Strikes Back (1980) - VI Return of the Jedi (1983) - I The Phantom Menace ... Read More »

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