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Daily memes and funny pics – Your Tuesday chuckle zone

Daily memes and funny pics – Hopefully your week has been bearable so far, and in some cases less dreadful than what may have been expected. Evidently the weekend is still too far away to even be considered (although let’s not fool ourselves as we clearly know where our heart stands), but nobody said that we couldn’t attempt to kill a little time left and right whenever the occasion presents itself; so without further ado, why not dig into our latest selection of Tuesday giggles?

Wishing you a delightful and entertaining PMSLweb moment!

Funny kangaroo eating a doughnut gif - Daily memes and funny pics

If pigeons had eyes on the front of their heads funny meme

Trump becomes president and Nasa finds planets funny tweet

Funny definition of bargoyle

Your condom 18 years later funny meme

Funny cat math test - Daily memes and funny pics

Apples are more efficient for the body when waking up funny meme

 I only smoke cigs when I drink funny meme

When someone posts depressing shit 24/7 funny meme

Don't you dare roll your eyes at me funny meme

Hitchcock? I haven't heard that name in years funny meme

My final thought before making most decisions sarcastic humor

When you walk down the wine aisle funny meme - Daily memes and funny pics

Trying to decide if I should start some shit or not sarcastic humor

Even big bird thinks you're a cunt sarcastic humor

When you open a snack and your girlfriend starts paying attention funny meme

One day for no reason we became offended by everything funny meme

Punches in the nuts funny kid's drawing - Daily memes and funny pics

I need a man requirements funny tweet comment

Mum in public versus mum at home funny t-rex meme

Do you play pokemon funny text message

When women are ready to argue funny meme

Whenever I have a panic attack funny meme

Funny swimming pool photoshop fail - Daily memes and funny pics

 Love is something that finds you funny Facebook comment

Long distance relationship is hard funny cat meme

Even your soda doesn't like you humor

Funny Valentine's day friendzone

Bible should be rated R humor

My son wanted to know what it's like to be married joke - Daily memes and funny pics

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