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Evolving dismay of my twisted mind – Funny pics collection

Evolving dismay of my twisted mind – DISCLAIMER: Before scrolling any further we’d like to advise our viewers that we have decided to R rate the following post as its content should only be considered by a mature audience.

As you know, over the years, the Internet has become the ultimate solution when it comes to bringing together people who share similar interests, hobbies, points of view, fashion trends or even…. Humor for instance (just to name a few). Today, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to the inhabitants of an evergrowing nest of Twisted minds, that have established domicile in a dark and crazy alley of Google +.

In the World wide web bullshit system, sarcastic and adult oriented humor is considered especially offensive. On Google +, the dedicated posters who propagate this insolent content are members of an elite squad know as “Evolving dismay of my twisted mind”.

These are their stories.

A special thanks to those who have provided (in some cases without acknowledging it) today’s crispy content: Chris (and his alter ego Arm Pit), Josh, Shirley, Jamie, Kate, Lora, Gina, Terea, Adrian, Joshua and evidently the one and only Bill; and to the entire community for the brilliant chuckles (so much fun shit to include, it was hard to have to put a foot down at some point).

Wishing you a nonsense-packed PMSLweb moment!

Evolving dismay of my twisted mind funny pictures

Funny mental advisory

Like I give a f*ck funny gif

I almost gave a fuck sarcastic quote

Funny S& M candy

Dildo the original selfie stick sarcastic humor

Tonight the moon will be visible from earth humor – Evolving dismay of my twisted mind

I disabled your penis funny meme

Still learning how to cat funny gif

Offended learn to scroll 20th century fox parody

I don’t understand stupid people sarcastic quote

Everyone calm the fuck down funny meme – Evolving dismay of my twisted mind

Stephen King’s tit funny poster parody

Look at this cock sucker adult humor

You’re f*cking special sarcastic quote

Funny cartoon animals humping

Sunday night is here again funny meme

I’m a nice person sarcastic meme – Evolving dismay of my twisted mind

Let me poke the shark funny meme

Disgusting dirty feet humor

Donald duck has a morning boner funny gif

Your wife has been hit by a bus sarcastic joke

I’m done chasing people sarcastic quote

You’re a dumb mother*cker funny meme

When you slow down my train of awesome sarcastic quote

Why can’t I find a nice guy mom sarcastic meme – Evolving dismay of my twisted mind

Sarcastic jeopardy humor

Back in my day sarcastic quote

When I think about you I touch myself humor

Any plans after work humor

You’ve had tongue sex with a twinkie adult humor

Men are like babies funny quote

Tired of blowjobs funny meme – Evolving dismay of my twisted mind

Wife watching her wedding video funny joke

There is intelligent DNA in a lot of women adult humor

How the evening begins versus how it ends funny gif

My kind of news sarcastic meme

Little Johnny wants to be a billionaire funny joke

Having trouble waking up in the morning sarcastic meme

Dear penis funny meme – Evolving dismay of my twisted mind

Wanna see why they call him animal muppet humor

Funny sperm donor quote

Funny dick sucking award chart

She used Vaseline to give me a hand job adult humor

And what do we say to sleep funny meme

Before versus after marriage joke – Evolving  dismay of my twisted mind

That’s racist funny adult dank meme

Funny beer belly comeback adult humor

If you don’t have anything nice to say sarcastic humor

I plan on being an asshole again tomorrow sarcastic humor

When Monday punches you in the face funny gif

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