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Fun Saturday – A delivery of crazy weekend giggles

Fun Saturday – The weekend tsunami is upon us, and while you courageously face the terrible waves of craze one after the other, we’ve decided to send you one of our special PMSL first aid kits instead of the eye-ball breaking David Hasselhoff… please excuse us for any disappointment this could generate.

Wishing you a pleasurable PMSLweb moment!

Lego gangsters cartoon – Fun Saturday at

Ikea crucifix humor at

Childhood problem meme at

The little plumber bros golden book at

Canadian graffiti at its worst – Fun Saturday at

Naughty vending machine at

When women start shopping meme at

Santa Claus doesn’t exist at

Power rangers versus Johnny Walker – Fun Saturday at

Kid freshener at

Masturbation is murder cartoon at

Walking dead parody at

When I was a kid I thought that mom meme at

Walmart car pool demotivational – Fun Saturday at

Alien pez at

I used to think drinking was bad for me  at

Air conditioned cooling to help fight global warming at

Bitch peas – Fun Saturday at

Family tree humor at

Forever alone sub meme at

Funny Valentine’s day quote at

Jehovah’s witness training camp at

Let me play you a song cat humor – Fun Saturday at

Funny internet signal meme at

Science-free light bulbs at

Bacon frosting at

I improvised meme at

Honey I’m home meme at

Couple fail – Fun Saturday at

Family photo fail at

The ways a toy can suck for a parent at

Downloading the internet gif at

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