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Funny Sunday picture dump – A jolly collection of funnies

Funny Sunday picture dump – Because making the most of Sunday while procrastinating can never be wrong, it’s our pleasure to inform you that our latest selection of Sunday funnies is now live and awaits you as of now on our virtual playground. Like many, we definitely are in no hurry to take Monday on heads-up, so why not join us for a handful of carefree chuckles?

Wishing you a lazy Sunday and a gleeful PMSLweb moment!

Funny awkward hand shake gif - Funny Sunday picture dump

Which car should go first humor

Dog finding out his son is gay the hard way funny meme

Mike Tyson is Buzz Lightyear funny meme

Owner gets cat to tidy up his mess funny gif

A sore throat will not slow me down funny advertising slogan

Pope learning to pick kids on the Internet funny meme – Funny Sunday picture dump

When he’s a good boy but you just hate him funny meme

I have a fetish for girls who don’t reply humor

We all have this drawer funny meme

Funny terrible newspaper layout

Took my girlfriend to the doctor to sort out her Tourette’s funny meme

Stork delivers cat to cat lady funny cartoon – Funny Sunday picture dump

Has science gone too far funny food meme

Gave her money to get her eyebrows done funny Facebook status

There’s a blind man coming round tomorrow funny story

This bird looks like he wants to build a wall funny meme

When he says slob on his knob funny meme

Trump cat funny meme – Funny Sunday picture dump

When you’re as high AF and the pizza arrives funny medieval meme

Lego glory hole adult humor

Funny hall of cost tweet fail

Funny I’m offended Halloween costume

If men’s fashion was similar to women’s humor

Going straight to the point like a boss funny text message

Funny Aussie scoop prank – Funny Sunday pictures dump

Funny concerned Christian’s Halloween letter

Baby daddy’s be like funny meme

Daphne did not age well funny meme

Funny Stevie Wonder deal with it gif

Does running out of fucks count as cardio sarcastic humor – Funny Sunday picture dump

Funny kid’s whistle drawing fail

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