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Hump Day giggles – a Wednesday funny picture collection

Hump day giggles -Did you know that every Wednesday at exactly 3.30pm, women are believed to look their oldest?
No joke here, this theory is validated scientifically by the Sun tanning brand St Tropez, who conducted a research on the phenomenon. Mid-afternoon on this specific day, the weekly stress is known to be at its paroxysm, and the bodies energy levels at their lowest.
Ladies, you should be aware of another important factor which can contribute in aggravating the situation previously mentioned: the consumption of alcohol absorbed during the weekend. Indeed, it takes around 72h for the visible effects of your weekend “partying” to kick-in… so adding that to the rest won’t help for sure!

On a more cheerful note though, please be informed – and this might interest your significant others too – that Thursday is the day of the week where women tend to be the horniest and will more easily be up for sex…. No wonder that studies have concluded that Friday is the day they glow the most!

Wishing you an enjoyable PMSLweb moment!

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