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Hump Day Panorama – Satire & Sarcasm on the loose

Hump Day Panorama – Wicked Monday and its evil twin behind us it’s time for us to let go of some ballast. Our inner demons deeply request to take a spin – must be the Halloween spirit kicking-in –and holding back could lead to terrible and heart-breaking consequences, so we probably should just roll with it!
All bets are off today so just chill & enjoy.

Wishing you a saucy PMSLweb moment!

Happy meal funny
picture timing funny
severe cases of terminal stupidity ecard
f*ck this sh*t o’clock ecard
advertising fail
total bs break up lines
funny redneck ride
I know when you’re texting in class
mattress therapy
Greville st funny letter
underwater smoking fail
don’t blame me for my trust issues
swimmer trapped by beach balls
the wedding ring funny
mcdonalds sign fail
born with a smirk
don’t laugh at farts sign
crappy quilts fail
toilet paper model
morgan freeman funny meme
name or password incorrect ecard
come join the fun fail
amazing things funny quote
FU for being another dog
you’re gonna regret that in the morning funny
ex wife had better lawyer
the original playstation
let me break this down for you ecard
hot tub boats funny
redneck tv tray
photoshop fail
hello this is douchebag
join the army they said
French birth control device
grandfather clock fail
normal versus gourmet funny
worst cruise ever
men look at women behind ecard
quality I’m not looking for in a partner ecard
punching you in the face ecard
public entrance yes it is
advertising fail
trick or treat at Charlie sheens
bicycle lane fail
that childhood moment funny
this is how women apologize ecard
memories of you funny quote
biking with Barbie
hot pockets funny
should you have kids
dancing with jesus book
a**holes demotivational
karting nun meme
real 3 little piggies
we all started as an anus
to the person who invented these F U
curiosity demotivational
I don’t hate you ecard
I’m not bossy quote
stormtrooper in car funny
so if what you say is true funny
until I was 13 funny quote

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