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iPhone Goodies: We all know the feeling…

iPhone Goodies – Which iPhone owner has never had a giggle out of at least one of his text messages, especially when it comes to using the autocorrect function evidently but not only… Here are a few goodies of this specific genre, for your pleasure…but also ours!
we found him - iPhone Goodies at
the truth
we love them
I want to go - iPhone Goodies at
goes for it
it's a white goat
dropping off
it's really epic
is today - iPhone Goodies at
it works
do i have one?
dad wants to know
a bit too much
yes you were
she needs it - iPhone Goodies at
you need them every day
always better
is not
by your mum
don't forget him
no choice poor kid - iPhone Goodies at
come and get it
beware of her
don't forget the makeup
he's all in
help, she's winning! - iPhone Goodies at
where you there?
dad rocks
makes me hungry - iPhone Goodies at

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