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LOL pics – Your weekend collection of funny pictures

LOL pics – Take laughter out of your weekend equation, and whatever remains will always leave you with a bittersweet feeling. No matter if your plans are leisure or on the other hand business oriented, if you don’t emphasis on your funny bone, we can’t even bear to imagine in what state of mind we will be finding you next Monday ; so please act responsibly, and allocate part of your time in replenishing your sacred giggle-o-meter.

Wishing you a lighthearted PMSLweb moment!

Funny boys mocking girls – LOL pics at

Funny when I grow up I’d like to be at

Synonym rolls fail at

Mom trying to click play fail at

Waffles are pancakes with abs at

She said I was the first one humor – LOL pics at

You remember that one time sarcastic humor at

Vintage successful date humor at

Smelly balls product name fail at

Funny do you help or take a picture at

Aim to please funny sign win at

Awkward Bible for children – LOL pics at

Funny am I carrying a foal fail at

Some things are better left unseen meme at

Why my wife doesn’t breastfeed meme at

Funny donate my blood status at

Funny last Christmas lyrics & name mashup at

Texting wasn’t always easy humor – LOL pics at

Stupid Game of Thrones music question at

Funny historical marker at

Hilarious it’s time for school comment at

Funny anxiety chews for pets at

Funny horny printer at

Panty stuffers funny fail at

Funny deep reflection about life – LOL pics at

Please photoshop this picture humor at

The booty got him in another dimension humor at

Twelve year old trying to play smart funny fail at

Funny Kelly Rowland fail at

I don’t pretend to be anything I’m not funny quote – LOL pics at

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