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New Year funnies – Greeting 2015 like a boss

New year funnies – Despite what you will come across, in the eventuality that you decide to scroll further down the page (let’s face it, we are just one big tease), please be assured that the entire PMSLweb crew wishes you a merry & lighthearted New Year 2015 powered with love, health and hey let’s not be hypocrite: a little money too.

We are thrilled to be able to kick-start a brand new 365 countdown with you.


Happy New year bitches – New Year funnies at

Facebook New Year fail at

Sarcastic New Year ecard at

Funny skiing holidays cartoon at

Funny New year Facebook fail at

Funny winter quote at

New Year new me meme – New Year funnies at

F*ck you winter at

My bathroom in winter meme at

Funny New Year quote at

I know what you did last winter funny at

New Year hangover meme – New Year funnies at

Happy New Year cartoon at

Meanwhile in Sweden meme at

Inspirational  New Year statuses on facebook ecard at

Sarcastic batman New Year slap at

Sarcastic happy new year meme at

Sarcastic New year ecard – New Year funnies at

Funny squidward New year at

Funny Internet explorer New Year meme at

scumbag winter toilet meme at

Funny New Year’s resolutions at

Europe seen from the sky on December 31st at

Funny New Year pizza prank – New Year funnies at

If animals made New Year resolutions at

Sarcastic New Year resolutions ecard at

Funny winter art meme at

Canadian archaeology meme at

Funny new year tips at

Funny gym owner on January 1st meme – New Year funnies at

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