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PMSL pics – A funny picture gallery

PMSL pics – With the weekend almost in sight now, each and every one of us will probably be up for a few chortles. Search no more, as our latest selection of funny pics is now live and kicking. Finally, quoting Sir Mark Twain “The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter”, so let’s get to the real deal.

Wishing you a guffaw-packed PMSLweb moment!

Best concert ever meme – PMSL pics at

Doing the dishes prank at

Funny security guideline at

Funny sexist video game at

Taking pictures with famous monuments humor at

Funny airplane guidelines parody – PMSL pics at

Funny Finnish lesson at

Satanic abbreviations on internet humor at

Funny bubble wrap cartoon at

Funny cartoonist joke – PMSL pics at

Funny fake airplane guidelines at

Funny fake airplane guidelines at

Funny Star trek Spock meme at

Godzilla eat your broccoli humor at

Funny Nazi pigeon at

Field guide to procrastinators cartoon - PMSL pics at

Funny childbirth FML at

How about no Facebook humor at

Scumbag cat on the weather forecast – PMSL pics at

Funny Jesus hangover movie at

Funny moonwalker truck at

Funny advert placement fail at

Growing old funny sarcasm at

Awkward statue at

Funny grizzly bear cartoon at

Why I curse so much funny graph – PMSL pics at

You are too yellow funny passport fail at

How to troll humor at

Funny shoot down on facebook at

Funny website page warning at

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