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Silly Sunday – Your dominical delivery of funny pics

Silly Sunday – In order to celebrate worthily the last Sunday of the year, why not take a few and check out our latest (and last) edition of 2015 Sunday funnies! Once more, our latest hours of internet scavenging allowed us to stumble upon a few goodies which evidently we just had to share with you, so here goes…

Wishing you a delightful Sunday and a chillax PMSLweb moment!

Funny unicorn ice cream animation – Silly Sunday

Handstand on a cat humor

Who threw that bomb meme

Taking baby north to see grandma and tranpa meme

Lame Superman joke funny comic

Trying to be festive funny fail – Silly Sunday

How to convert to PDF humor

You claim your beard makes you manly meme

Female praying mantis versus female human joke

Truck blinker humor

seal potato look alike – Silly Sunday

Funny nope boob gif

Funny solution against jihadis meme

Funny homemade crèche

Funny zombie rights activists quote

Slamming the doors joke

Scatter my remains at Disneyland funny comment

Who still wears a fanny pack meme – Silly Sunday

Before versus after funny stereotype

Dat ass funny fail

Windows frozen joke

Fisherman joke funny cartoon

Funny law of mechanical repair

Whoever convinced blind people they needed sun glasses joke

Stevie Wonder joke – Silly Sunday

Funny man habits meme

Star Wars and politics humor

Smart dog and his stick animated

Mary had a little lamb funny cartoon

The Savanna funny comic

Staying between the lines when parking humor – Silly Sunday

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