Foolish Sunday – Sillies before surrendering to Monday

Foolish Sunday – While chances are that the number of hangovers is quite impressive today over in uncle Sam’s nation, we hope that everyone worldwide is having a pleasant and relaxing Sunday.
Before surrendering to the new week and its dreaded leader – the one and only Monday – why not treat yourselves to a handful of happy vibes with our dominical selection of funnies.

Wishing you a lazy PMSLweb moment!

Space the final frontier funny keyboard – Foolish Sunday at

Wily the hunter harvesting housemeat humor at

Desperate housewives funny Gabby and Carlos at

Sarcastic car indicator meme at

Great questions on Google humor at

Timeline posts single vs in a relationship at

Marijuana is a gateway drug funny quote – Foolish Sunday at

Funny fat sleeping beauty at

Funny mocking pick-up-line at

Take the spider out funny tweet at

Funny math genius – Foolish Sunday at

What would you do funny question at

Funny why aliens don’t talk to us at

People who don’t drink coffee in summer cannot be trusted at

The international sounds of eating humor at

Leggings are not pants the return at

God why have you forsaken me funny cartoon at

What mum thinks AF means humor – Foolish Sunday at

Funny Age of Ultron movie comment at

Have you ever been convicted of a crime meme at

A good way to get to know your date meme at

Funny losing your virginity status at

My parents aren’t home funny riots version at

Exorcist DVD in the yoga section – Foolish Sunday at

Butterfly with comic sans on wing meme at

Funny Asian year book quote at

Found an Olympic event for me meme at

Prepare for the final fail at

When you pass your school on a weekend humor at

Tomorrow is Monday meme – Foolish Sunday at

Click lovers computer specialists logo fail at

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