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Silly Wednesday picture collection – Time to LOL

Silly Wednesday picture collection – Would you believe it, today is already the 223rd day of 2016 (that’s for the perfectly useless fact of the day). On a more serious note, we thought that it could be interesting to check out a few major events which happened on August 10th throughout history:

1793: The famous “Musée du Louvre” opens in Paris
1814: Birth of Henri Nestlè (no need to tell you what this man founded!)
1821: Missouri officially becomes the 24th U.S state
1899: The Norwegian football club “ Viking FK” is founded
1944: The battles of Guam and Narva both come to an end (World War II)
1948: Candid Camera first debuts on TV
1959: Birth of Rosanna Arquette
1960: Birth of Antonio Banderas
1990: The Magellan space probe finally reaches Venus
1993: Two earthquakes hit New Zealand (intensity VI followed by intensity VII)
1995: The Oklahoma City bombing occurs
2003: Highest temperature ever recorded in the UK at Kent (38.5°C)
2003: Yuri Malenchenko becomes the first person ever to marry in outer-space.

Anyway, now that we’ve slightly helped to broaden your general knowledge, the time has come to get stuck into our weekly selection of Hump day chuckles .

Wishing you an entertaining PMSLweb moment!

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